Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today is Not a Typical Homeschooling Day

Kind of an off day today.  Cold, some snow showers, but warm inside.  So, we are opting to stay in.  

My almost 7 year old granddaughter decided it was a good day for paper dolls.  Not the ones you have to buy, but the ones I cut out of newspaper.  I cut several out for her and she is now making clothes for them.  I think I am going to call this art class this morning.  :)

Of course the two younger ones, 6 and 4, needed their own dolls.  I was sure to make BOYS for the boy because, he keeps wanting to make SURE whatever he plays with is a "boy" thing. 

He is so funny.  This morning he was jumping from room to room, which he does constantly, and is told, constantly, "STOP!"  My son's room is in the basement and this old house doesn't have any insulation between floors, so it sounds like a herd of elephants running though  when the kids run and jump.  Today he is not at home, so I told the 5 year old to come into the kitchen to jump.  I set up the egg timer and made him jump until all the sand was at the bottom.  He was beginning to slow down a lot before the sand hit the bottom.  BUT as he told me, "I'm built for jumping."  So, nope that didn't slow him down for long.

Here he is at Christmas in his pirate hat.  AARRGGH

I admire moms who have more than one boy and actually stay sane, not to mention their successful homeschooling.  One of my friends has a great blog about raising boys. Here is one of her blogs:

Now this blog reminds me:  How do you teach a boy to remember to do things like, flush the toilet?  Wipe? I can't remember having that trouble with my own son, but then he is 29, so maybe I don't remember.  

As always, your input is  welcome.


  1. Or wash their hands?! If I see them leave the bathroom, I always ask, "Did you wipe, did you flush, did you wash your hands?" 99% of the time they head back to the bathroom saying, "Whoops!" Haha!

  2. Oh yeah, I do that. I do get tired of having to say it ALL THE TIME. LOL Hoping it will eventually sink in.

    One thing I insist on, which other families may not, but especially because we girls are in the majority, is that the seat and lid of the stool being put down. Sometimes he remembers that, but not to flush.

    And speaking of putting the lid down. a good friend of mine told me that it was a good idea because when you flush, the "germs" go into the air at 40 mph and then you and the bacteria will settle on the things in the bathroom. I don't want to breathe it in, especially if someone in the family is fighting an illness.

  3. Our seat goes down, then it flushes ;-) Once in awhile my son does not put it down or flush, but it is a rare occasion. Since my bed backs up to the toilet, sometimes he doesn't because he thinks it will wake me, but since we have a new one now, it hardly makes any noise at all.

    So, since you let your grandson jump up and down, he doesn't do it when your son is home? To me that is giving him permission to jump whenever he

    It's brutely cold here, the wind is trying hard to get in the house, making this terrible noise. I've been freezing all day!


  4. I really wasn't giving him permission to jump, just trying to teach him a lesson, and wear him out. Well, that didn't work any better than my daughter's dad making her smoke a whole cigarette when she was little and she almost started the bedroom on fire trying to light a cigarette. She started smoking after high school and still smokes. Guess I need to come up with something else, like making a recording of my voice saying, "Stop jumping." and "Stop running." LOL